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    Who is Three Roads Trivia?

    Spencer Alexander

    Spencer has been hosting trivia for the better part of a decade. When players comment on his “radio ready” voice, he’ll most likely reply “My mother always said I had a face for radio”. There are few things he likes more than making everyone’s night. Asking the tough hard hitting questions and some easy ones too. Playing jams that span the decades and genres, sometimes even working clues into his playlist. He’s there every week and can’t wait for you to be too.

    P: 262.880.7988

    In my free time… I try to not get hit by motorists

    My dream job… Hosting Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR

    The thing I have the most love/hate relationship with… Writing trivia questions with Benn

    My Favorite Musician… The Boss

    Benn Schober

    I have no idea how we landed a host like Benn. He is a walking encyclopedia. No seriously, the dude is an android. He is a Noble Laureate in Physics, Literature and Badassery. Ok, none of that is true. He is just a guy who wants to share his love of trivia. When he’s not trying to convince children learning is not actually the worst thing that could possibly happen, he is testing your knowledge of all things useless on a weekly basis and loving every second of it.

    P: 262.930.9676

    If I could be anyone, I would be… BATMAN!!!

    My guilty pleasure is… Singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs

    If I could travel anywhere… Nepal

    My favorite smell is… An old book

    Chris Jolly Roger

    Chris is our newest team member and we’re glad to have him. He’s quoted as saying “I hope one day I love something the way people in commercials love yogurt”. He like long walks on the beach, bubble baths, and aromatherapy. We also really can’t wait for him to see this.

    If I could live in a TV show it would be… Rock of Love

    I really need to work on my… Karaoke rendition of My Heart Will Go On

    A skill I wish to master… The English language
    Thing I want most in life… For Calgon to take me away